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2016 Featured Expeditions


OAR Northwest Adventure: Mississippi River

The 2016 OAR Northwest Adventure: Mississippi River source to sea crew had the opportunity to visit Quapaw Territory between the Helena, Arkansas and Clarksdale, Mississippi in November 2016, sample some music and wash the river off for a few days. OAR Northwest is a not for profit based in Seattle that puts human powered trips down the river and combines them with school visits that weave the learning of the river into the adventure and collect water samples. This year the team is continuing the longest water sampling transect of the Mississippi River for LSU and a plastics sampling transect for the University of Puget Sound. Follow along at OAR Northwest on all social media and

Adventure: Mississippi River (AMR) is the second iteration of OAR Northwest Education series flagship expedition, blending real-life adventure with technology to reach students both locally and beyond the Mississippi River watershed. AMR aims to inspire students to experience an adventure in their local environment, understand the potential environmental impacts of their actions, and engage the rich history and diversity of species along the Mississippi River and its immense watershed. The curriculum is designed around the research-based Adventure Learning approach and delivered direct to classrooms via the latest cloud-based technologies, enhanced with cultural and community connections to this important river.


Source of Confidence Expedition

2 Women. 4,000 Miles. A Source-to-Sea Expedition exploring the Source of Confidence on the 4th Longest River System in the World.

In May 2016 Lisa Pugh and Alyce Kuenzli embarked on an extraordinary expedition, canoeing 4,000 miles, source-to-sea, on the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers. Starting in Browers Spring, Montana and ending in the Gulf of Mexico, this is the fourth longest waterway system in the world.

During this expedition they deliver their unique confidence-building curriculum, through their educational website. Alyce and Lisa teach girls and women to build confidence, through positive risk taking. As educators and Outward Bound Instructors, they have over twenty years of combined experience facilitating this process and want to bring the concept to a larger audience of girls and women, using this expedition as a platform for exploring what confidence is and how you build confidence.

Source of Confidence is a new organization, committed to accomplishing three goals: 1) Become the first women to canoe the 4th longest river system in the world; 2) Deliver their unique confidence-building curriculum, via adventure learning models and in-person workshops; and 3) Create a documentary film that, through a series of individual and group interviews with girls and women of all ages and backgrounds, along with the story of the canoe expedition, works to create a collective confidence that causes a cultural shift in the way confidence in girls and women is developed.

Mississippi River Photos

Maps of the Lower Mississippi River

Plan your river canoeing or kayaking adventure with detailed maps of the Lower Mississippi River? Our Maps page has links to maps of the river from St. Francis to Arkansas City, and the best camping along Lower Mississippi Water Trail.

For tips on how to use Google Maps for planning your trip refer to this excerpt from the River Log, Reading Google Maps...Unlike highways which don't change shape or position with the seasons, the islands of the Mississippi River and their back channels are dramatically affected by water levels. And so the paddler needs to remember that the shapes of low-lying landmarks like the sandbars and wetlands seen on Google Satellite Maps or Google Earth is probably not what they are like on any given day when you are out on the river. more...

Canoe and Kayak Safety

The Mississippi River presents many challenges for paddlers, but when properly approached by experienced paddlers with the right equipment it can be the amongst most rewarding paddling in North America. Rivergator has extensive information about canoe and kayak safety especially on the Mississippi River. Visit Safety under the Paddler's Guide and get prepared for your Mississippi River adventure.

Camping on the Mississippi River

The best camping on the Lower Mississippi River Water Trail is found within one mile perimeter of the locations listed on this Campsite Map. River campers, please be aware that actual sandbar size & shape very greatly with water level. In the River Log you can read detailed accounts of canoeing, kayaking, paddling and camping on the Lower Mississippi River. Select the area of the River where you'll be paddling or camping and there are descriptions to help you plan your paddling adventure.

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