The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

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Grey Beard

August 4, 2015. John Ruskey reports "We're paddling this week with Dale Sanders, who at 80 years old just passed the 2,000 mile mark below Lake Itasca towards becoming the oldest man to paddle the Mississippi." Read about him at Greybeard Adventurer. Dale writes about paddling with us in the early August entries in his blog. He's using the #rivergator as his guidebook as he paddles the Lower Mississippi. Quapaw Canoe Company is proud to sponsor the Graybeard Adventurer on his long paddle to the Gulf.

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Maps of the Lower Mississippi River

Plan your river canoeing or kayaking adventure with detailed maps of the Lower Mississippi River? Our Maps page has links to maps of the river from St. Francis to Arkansas City, and the best camping along Lower Mississippi Water Trail.

For tips on how to use Google Maps for planning your trip refer to this excerpt from the River Log, Reading Google Maps...Unlike highways which don't change shape or position with the seasons, the islands of the Mississippi River and their back channels are dramatically affected by water levels. And so the paddler needs to remember that the shapes of low-lying landmarks like the sandbars and wetlands seen on Google Satellite Maps or Google Earth is probably not what they are like on any given day when you are out on the river. more...

Canoe and Kayak Safety

The Mississippi River presents many challenges for paddlers, but when properly approached by experienced paddlers with the right equipment it can be the amongst most rewarding paddling in North America. River Gator has extensive information about canoe and kayak safety especially on the Mississippi River. Visit Safety under the Paddler's Guide and get prepared for your Mississippi River adventure.

Camping on the Mississippi River

The best camping on the Lower Mississippi River Water Trail is found within one mile perimeter of the locations listed on this Campsite Map. River campers, please be aware that actual sandbar size & shape very greatly with water level. In the River Log you can read detailed accounts of canoeing, kayaking, paddling and camping on the Lower Mississippi River. Select the area of the River where you'll be paddling or camping and there are descriptions to help you plan your paddling adventure.

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