The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Lake Providence to Vicksburg

are continuing to study sturgeon populations to learn more about the habitats they need and how they may benefit from restoration projects.



Fat Pocketbook Mussel: This species, also endangered, was first reported from Mississippi River channel habitats in 2003. Recent studies indicate that the mussels are associated with secondary channels where water flows are maintained by dike notches.


Interior Least Tern: The bulk of the world’s population of endangered Interior Least Terns occurs along the Lower Mississippi River. The Fish and Wildlife Service states construction of notches in Lower Mississippi River navigation dikes enhances Least Tern breeding habitats by limiting the ability of terrestrial predators to reach nesting colonies.


See Rivergator Appendix for more information about the LMRCC and its restoration projects.


RBD 438 King’s Point/Secret Entrance into Lake Centennia


If the river is flowing bank full above 35 on the Vicksburg Gauge, you can cut through the woods here at a low place and gain access to the beautiful sparkling waters of Centennial Lake.  Vicksburg paddlers sometimes use this wild entrance to complete a round trip starting from downtown, down the Yazoo to the confluence, up the Mississippi, into and across Lake Centennial, cut through the Pass into the Yazoo, and ride the Yazoo back to town.  A great turnaround for an afternoon paddle! 


As you continue down the Mississippi for the final mile into Vicksburg, watch for traffic.  Towboats sometimes pull up here above the Yazoo confluence LBD for crew changes or boat resupplies.  Monitor Channel 13 and give them plenty of berth.  Water pushing under the front end of any parked tows or barges is very dangerous.  After taking care of their business the towboats sometimes peel off unexpectedly and abruptly re-enter the main channel.


LBD 437.7 Mouth of the Yazoo River


For your final approach into Vicksburg stay with the flow left bank descending and look for the mouth of the Yazoo River.  It opens up just before the first bank side industrial activity, rusted cranes, and old boats, scraps of steel and broken concrete.  Remember, there is no public access on the main channel of the river below here.  You must enter the Yazoo to reach downtown.  Paddler’s intending to meet their shuttles or resupply in Vicksburg will need to turn left at LBD437.7!


There is a red channel marker LBD 437.3 planted squarely at the confluence like a conquistador’s cross.  The water of the Yazoo enters the river normally a creamy