The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail




Vicksburg to Baton Rouge

MM 437 - 229


Table of Contents

Appendix I

Other Water Trails for Paddlers to Explore in the Lower Mississippi River Valley


Appendix II

Paddling on the Yazoo River above Vicksburg


Appendix III

Habitat Restoration on the Lower Miss


Appendix IV

Monmouth steamboat disaster


Appendix V

Layne’s Log


Appendix VI

Mark River Blog


Appendix VII

John Ruskey Artistic Journal of Morning Impressions


Appendix VIII

Additional Stories from Natchez Area by Adam Elliott


Appendix IX

Vicksburg Services and Accommodations by Layne Logue


Appendix X

Natchez Services and Accommodations by Adam Elliott


Appendix XI

Dave & Linnea on the Atchafalaya


Appendix XII



Appendix XIII

Literary Analysis


Rivergator Appendix XIV

Paddling through Weather Extremes: Wind and Severe Thunderstorms


Rivergator Appendix XV

Lake Country of Northern Louisiana