The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Rivergator Appendix 1:
Sources for Baton Rouge to Gulf of Mexico

Contributing Writers:

  • Wolf E. Staudinger
  • Michael Orr
  • Paul Orr
  • Mark River Peoples


Historic Names and Places on the Lower Mississippi River
1977, Mississippi River Commission
by Marion Bragg

Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America
1997, Simon & Schuster
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The Mississippi River in 1953:
A Photographic Journey from the Headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico

2005, The Center for American Places
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The New Orleans Times-Picayune

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

John Weeks Website


Lower Mississippi River Gauge and Week Forecast

2011 Upper Mississippi River Navigation Charts (Middle Miss)

2007 Flood Control and Navigation Maps: Mississippi River (Lower Miss)

Lower Mississippi River Keeper

Louisiana Environmental Action Network

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Middle Mississippi & Bluegrass Hills / Bootheel 195-0, 954-850 ST. LOUIS TO CARUTHERSVILLE
Chickasaw Bluffs 850 – 737 CARUTHERSVILLE TO MEMPHIS
Upper Delta 737 – 663 MEMPHIS TO HELENA
Middle Delta 663 – 537 HELENA TO GREENVILLE
Loess Bluffs 437 – 225 VICKSBURG TO BATON ROUGE
Atchafalaya River 159 – 0 SIMMESPORT TO MORGAN CITY
Louisiana Delta 229 – 10 BATON ROUGE TO VENICE
Birdsfoot Delta 10 – 0 VENICE TO GULF OF MEXICO
Venice to the Gulf
Water Levels According To The Venice Gage (VG):  
Flood Stage Warning:  
11.5 LBD Sandbars At Mouth Of Baptiste Collette Bayou – North Side
11.4 LBD Shell Beaches At Mouth Of Baptiste Collette Bayou – South Side
11.5 LBD Baptiste Colette Bayou
-1.9 RBD Emeline Pass
-2.5 RBD Fimbel Pass
-6 To -8 Baptiste Collette Jetty
10.5 The Jump: Entrance to the Venice Harbor
Directions To The Marinas In Tiger Pass  
Cypress Cove Marina  
Venice Marina  
10.4 RBD Grand Pass
Grand Pass  
Tiger Pass  
The Wagon Wheel – Venice Salt Dome  
10.2 RBD Grand Pass Island
10.2 To 9.8 RBD WARNING: Iron Pilings In River
9.6 – 8 LBD Lower Venice Anchorage
4.9 LBD Mary Bower’s Pass
4.8 RBD New Pass
4.8 RBD New Pass Cypress Beach
3.5 – 2.9 LBD Cubit’s Gap
Cubit’s Gap/Main Pass Camp  
Octave Pass North  
Cubit’s Gap: Octave Pass  
Cubit’s Gap: Brant Bayou  
Cubit’s Gap: Raphael Pass  
Delta National Wildlife Refuge  
2.4 LBD Shell Pipeline Co., Pilottown Wharf
1.9 LBD Pilottown
0 RBD Mile Zero (SW Pass) Camp  
Head of Passes -0- Mile Zero
Southwest Pass  
River Levels Down SW Pass  
-4.5 LBD Burrwood Bayou (Top Entrance)
-8.9 LBD Pogo Producing Co., E-3 Boat Landing
-14.5 LBD Burrwood Bayou (Bottom Entrance)
-14.5 RBD Dredge Piles
-14.5 LBD Burrwood Bayou Closure
-18.0 LBD Associated Branch Pilots, Southwest Pass Station Wharf
-20.2 LBD End Of The Jetty/End Of The River
South Pass  
-3.4 LBD Picnic/Camping Spot
-4 To -10 RBD East Bay Bayou Openings
-10 RBD Picayune Bayou
-11 RBD Port Eads
-11 RBD High Adventure Marina, Port Eads
-11.8 LBD Bayou Opening (To Backside Of Upper South Pass Island)
-12.1 LBD Tiny Bayou Opening
-12.2 LBD Opening In Jetty Along Ocean Side Of Upper South Pass Island
Upper South Pass Island West Jetty End
-13.5 RBD  
Best End Place: Lower South Pass Island  
-14.2 LBD East Jetty End
Pass A Loutre  
-0.5 RBD Upper Shallow Island
-1.5 RBD Lower Shallow Island
-2 RBD Cheniere Pass
-2.5 RBD Willow Clump
-4 To -5 RBD Wetlands
-6 LBD Muddy Shallows
-11 LBD Disappearing Banks
-12.8 LBD North Pass Island
-15 North Pass Island Beaches
Southeast Pass  
-5.5 RBD Mouth Of Southeast Pass
-7 RBD Pass A Loutre State WMA Picnic Area
-12.5 Channel Splits
-12.5 Southeast Pass Island
Pass A Loutre State Wildlife Wildlife Management Area  
Balize, The Oldest City The Delta Ate  
Getting Back  
Upstream Paddling  
What Do You Do Now With Your Vessel?  
LiNKS = Leave No Kid On Shore