The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

wharves, dikes and any other man-made objects will create strong whirlpools, violent boils, and fast eddies.  Towboats will create large waves.  The Rivergator will not describe the river and its islands at any levels above flood stage.


Lake Providence


Lake Providence is the first town landing south of the Greenville Bridge (Sunnyside Landing), hence you could make Lake Providence the end-place or start-place for your river adventure.   If you are resupplying in Lake Providence safeguard your canoe or kayak, and walk into town for access to a number of convenience stores, groceries and restaurants.  The US Post Office is just over the levee at Sparrow Street (US 65) and 1st Street.  You can find Wi-Fi just down the street at the library (109 Sparrow).  Paddlers needing accommodations might try the Lakeview Inn & Suites, which is a mile north of town on US 65. 


For sit down or take out food, some of the best eating anywhere along the Lower Mississippi is found in Lake Providence at the Dock.  Its well-worth the mile walk from the river for the ambience and Cajun cuisine found at the Dock, which is located literally on a dock at the edge of the oxbow lake at 829 Lake St, (318) 559-3625.  Just beyond the Dock the mystical Bayou Macon takes shape as it flows under the nondescript highway 65 bridge.  Lake Providence is the birthplace of Bayou Macon.   A hundred miles downstream Bayou Macon is the spectacular archeological wonder — Poverty Point — the site of the largest & earliest organized native society in the Western Hemisphere.  2-3,000 people lived and flourished here several millenniums before Christ, to mysteriously disappear about 1100BC.  See Rivergator Appendix for complete descriptions of the fascinating paddling trails of Northeastern Louisiana including Bayou Macon, Tensas River and Bayou Bartholomew.


Lake Providence Landings


Lake Providence Primitive Landing

You’ll see a primitive landing with access into town two miles down RBD.  Hide your canoe or kayak and walk through woods, over levee and into town via City Dump Road (which brings you out on Lake Street US 65).  If you need a quick resupply of water or food, this would be your closest landing to town.


Lake Providence Harbor Boat Launch

Narrow concrete ramp cut through the muddy banks of the harbor.  Good at all water levels.  Don’t leave vehicle here except for daytrip.  The walk to town is three miles.


Paddler’s Choices in the Mayersville-Lake Providence Area

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